Anyone can easily find a tax attorney in Miami by simply doing a quick search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. But the key is not to find just ANY tax attorney but a reputable professional who has had great success and won’t try to rob you of your money.

How do you go about finding this amazing tax attorney?

Business individuals who pride themselves in their profession don’t go about boasting about how amazing they are; they let their clients speak for them. Till this day there is no better form of advertisement than word of mouth. Miami is a populous city in which everyone is connected to one another in one way or another. Talk to your family, friends, colleagues at school or co-workers and ask if they know a tax attorney that could handle your case and more often than not someone will be recommended to you. If a tax attorney has been recommended to you, the next suggested step would be to research them on the internet. Look at their website – is it up to date? Read over their content – can they take on your specific case? Call their office to find out further details on their practice and cost.

If no one was able to suggest an attorney, then the internet is still the best way to go about finding one. Visit Google (or your preferred search engine), type in “tax attorney in Miami” and search. Like mentioned above, businesses let their clients speak for them so look for a tax lawyer who has reviews on Google, Yelp and any other review platform. A practice with positive reviews shows that they have taken the time to take care of their clients and were in turn rewarded by their kind words which helps promote their services to future potential clients. Keep in mind that reviews CANNOT be bought; search engines and websites have become more advanced and are able to penalize for any spamming of reviews.

Once you’ve narrowed your search to at least 3 top lawyers that you found had great reviews and experience, schedule a time in your day to call each of them. It is important to ask as many questions regarding your specific case so you can fully understand what your IRS case calls for and how the tax attorney can actually help. This is a perfect time to scope out cost and billing policies. Most fees depend on the complexity of your case and some lawyers will either charge by the hour or a flat fee.

Receiving a letter from the IRS in the mail can worry and stress anyone out. It is best to handle any IRS tax problems from the moment you receive that IRS notice so you don’t continue to incur any further penalties. There are plenty of tax attorneys in Miami but take your time and do your careful research when trying to find IRS representation.